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About me

I attained my psychotherapy diploma in 2014 and started a private practice in St Helier, Jersey shortly after.  

I am registered with the Jersey Care Commission (JCC), the National Counselling Society (NCS), the British Association for Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP) and the UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP).

In addition to seeing private clients, I also work with Headsight UK who provide therapeutic services and training for professionals, carers and parents.  

I am passionate about continuing my professional development and I have recently completed courses in treating trauma; EMDR (foundation); psychological trauma in children and young people; narcissistic relationships, emotional abuse and gaslighting; neuroscience fundamentals.

About Person-Centered Therapy

Person-centered therapy believes that everyone is different and, therefore, everyone’s view of their own world, and ability to manage it, should be trusted. All of us have the power to find the best solutions for ourselves and make appropriate changes in our lives. Person-centered therapy allows you to use your own understanding of your experiences as a platform for healing. 

The three conditions which facilitate this understanding are:

Unconditional positive regard:  this means I practice empathy and non-judgement which encourages you to make your own decisions and choices

Empathetic understanding:  where I work to completely understand your thoughts and feelings

Congruence: which means I carry no air of authority or professional superiority but, instead, present a true and accessible self that you can see is honest and transparent.

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