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What is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is a way to help people with a broad variety of mental illnesses and emotional difficulties. It can help eliminate or control troubling symptoms so a person can function better and can increase well-being and healing. It provides a safe and confidential space for you to talk about your issues and concerns. I will help you explore your thoughts, feelings and behaviours so you can develop a better understanding of yourself and of others.

As a psychotherapist, my goal in each session is to create a safe environment in which we can have honest and open conversations. I try to understand your situation and we work together to consider potential solutions and opportunities for change. Therapy is a team effort where we try to improve the circumstances of your life and achieve your goals.

I practice a person-centered approach where your engagement in therapy sessions and participation in treatment plans is welcomed and encouraged. Together we learn to challenge negative thoughts and replace them with more positive, healthier ways of thinking. We learn ways to improve communication in relationships and to reduce tension and anxiety. 

I also stress the importance of exercise, a well-balanced diet and mindfulness; these are areas we can work on and help you make a plan for a healthier lifestyle.

Areas I can hel​​p with

I have worked with many clients with a variety of challenges including (but not limited to):

  • attachment issues
  • body image
  • relationship breakups
  • bullying
  • control issues
  • depression
  • eating and food issues
  • anger issues
  • family problems
  • grief, loss and bereavement,
  • infidelity and jealousy
  • OCD / obsessions and compulsions
  • workplace issues
  • stress
  • borderline personality
  • co-dependency
  • self-harm


Online Therapy

Online therapy isn’t a new concept – it’s been around for a while now. But more and more of us have been seeing the benefits​ lately, especially due to COVID. 

There are lots of advantages to connecting with a therapist online – both pragmatic and emotional. For many of us, taking the leap and starting therapy may be a little daunting. You might feel more comfortable having a video call with me while your dog is sitting on your lap. Or perhaps there aren’t enough hours in the day, between work and picking up the children from school. 

My experience of online therapy is very positive so please contact me if this is an option you would like to explore.

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